Top American Diplomat Decries ‘Lies’ of Russian Media

To Inform is to Influence

Victoria Nuland denigrated RT’s audience as miniscule, accuses RT of outright lies and labels Russia’s media as pushing lies for a living.

She is correct in everything she says.

So when a reporter asks if RT should be shut down, because of RT’s lies, environment of falsehoods and propensity to attack anything which poses a threat to Russia, Nuland says it is not a good idea. Freedom of the press, once again, trumps fencing off dissention.

“We believe in freedom of speech, freedom of media in this country. The question we ask Russians, is why are you so afraid of diversity of opinion in your own space?” she told a receptive audience at the Washington think-tank (Brookings).

RT’s response to these attacks are to cite their growing numbers, which is ludicrous in light of their grossly expanding budget.

The more RT pushes their lies, the more ridiculous they appear.


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