ISIS: Washington’s Honey Trap for Iran in Iraq

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ISIS, pervert cannibal butchers takfirists, in Irak

ISIS (ISIL) mercenaries, a bunch of pervert cannibal butchers takfirists, as cowards they shoot behind, slaughtering unarmed peoplein Irak

~ By Finian Cunningham (PTV)

Are we witnessing a new era of cooperation between the US and Iran, prompted by the crisis gripping Iraq?

That’s quite a turnaround, considering Washington continues to accuse Iran of sponsoring international terrorism and secretly harboring ambitions to build  nuclear weapons.

America’s top diplomat John Kerry says the US is “now open” to working with Iran in a bid to halt the collapse of the Baghdad government, as formerly Al Qaeda-linked militants take over large parts of the country and are poised within 60 kilometers of the Iraqi capital.

The seemingly dramatic shift in US policy towards Iran is underlined by Washington’s ally Britain saying also this week that it is planning to re-open the British embassy in Tehran after years of closure. UK Foreign…

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