American-Made Weapons and Explosives Found at Donetsk Airport

Voices from Russia

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Eduard Basurin, deputy commander of the DNR forces, told journalists that the VSN found American-made weapons, as well as hundreds of high-power explosives, at Donetsk Airport, previously occupied by junta forces, saying, “During our investigation of the new terminal, our units found large numbers of American-made weapons, including M16A5 assault rifles and grenades, as well as means of communication”. Basurin related that they found hundreds of high-powered explosives, “if they simultaneously exploded, they’d make all of Donetsk shudder”. He told us that DNR engineering units are now neutralising the explosives.

19 January 2015

Sputnik International


The Donetsk Airport is turning out to be the Gori of this conflict so far. That is, much incriminating intel keeps turning up, and Langley keeps denying the obvious. They’ve gone to the well once too often, and their lies don’t have much cred anymore. In any case, the American public and forces are war-weary, and refuse to rise to Langley’s lies…

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