EU seeks compromise with Russia
January 13, 2015

The European Union is looking for a compromise with Russia, writes the Wall Street Journal, citing an internal document to the EU prepared in Brussels for a meeting of foreign ministers of the European Union, to be held on 19 January.
Brussels is prepared to not only remove the RF part of the sanctions, but also to resume talks on visa-free regime, as well as to strengthen ties with Russia in many areas of cooperation.
Sanctions will be weakened, and negotiations on many issues resumed, if Russia agrees to contribute to the normalization of the situation in Ukraine, the document says.
For its part, the EU is ready to share the sanctions against Russia in the two groups related to the Crimea to Russia and others, said RIA Novosti. It was the second group of the sanctions would be lifted if the situation in the east of Ukraine to normal.
About any tightening of sanctions against Russian speech does not go.
On the contrary, the document at positive developments, offers start strengthening ties with Russia in the fields of foreign policy, trade and industrial cooperation. Especially the EU has a strong interest in cooperation with Russia in the fight against “Islamic state”.
The document also mentions the possibility of establishing formal relations between the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union. The condition for this specified resolution currently available commercial disputes.


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