The EU should drop the USA imposed sanctions on Russia before it’s too late

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Stung by Russia Sanctions, Europe Fears Losing Business to China

  • EU exports to Russia fall sharply after sanctions imposed
  • Companies need export permits that take time
  • Companies worried about losing business to China, others

BRUSSELS, Nov 26 (Reuters) – At a technology fair in Moscow last month, European executives faced the new reality of doing business in Russia since the West imposed sanctions: the number of companies at the international showcase had shrunk by half from a year ago.

Europe is the big loser in the ongoing sanctions war

Europe is the big loser in the ongoing sanctions war

“The impact on business couldn’t be clearer. Fewer stands, fewer companies,” said Mark Bultinck, a sales executive for Belgian digital screen maker Barco, which had a booth at the annual expo for the audiovisual industry.

The impact of the sanctions was already clear to Barco.

The company lost Russia’s biggest shipbuilder as a client when the United States and the European…

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