USA also threatens Palestine over their quest for justice

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Seeking justice is counter-productive, US tells terrorised Palestinians

Osamah Khalil, professor of US and Middle East history at Syracuse University, remarked that joining the ICC is “only meaningful if Abbas actually uses it to hold Israel accountable for its repeated violations of international law and Palestinian rights.

by Stuart Littlewood

You could not make it up.

“The one who needs to fear the International Criminal Court in The Hague is the Palestinian Authority, which has a unity government with Hamas, a terror organization like [the Islamic State group] which commits war crimes.” So says Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

This certifiable crackpot, this bloody butcher who tops the world’s ‘most wanted’ list, was speaking after Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas signed the Rome Statute, at long last joining Palestine to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Membership of the ICC could enable the Palestinians to file charges against Israel for war crimes.


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