A Renaissance for the Crimea? Peninsula Looks with Hope to the Future

Voices from Russia

00 crimea. pro-novorossiya rally. 05.01.15


A few days before the end of 2014, I visited Crimea to see the immediate effects of its reunification with Russia. I found a peninsula largely content with its historic choice, but grappling with a future that, whilst promising much, won’t be easy. The Azov Sea winds roared and the waters were choppy. A lone Russian policeman is trying to keep order among hundreds of frustrated car drivers on the approach to Port Kavkaz, from where it’s only 4 kilometres by ferry to Crimea’s Kerch. I’ve been slowly inching forward for five hours. Frustration is general and rain lashes down. I approach the officer, asking if I can expect to reach Crimea tonight. He explained, whilst pointing towards the sky, “Normally, it only takes an hour or two, but the weather was horrible all day. Until we build a bridge across the strait, we’re at His mercy”. As I return to my…

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