Hungary Seeks Regional Alliance to Defend against USA & NATO

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Hungary Seeks Regional Alliance to Defend from US

Hungary Parliament Speaker says US undermines European governments. East-Central European states affected by this should stand together

  • “…there is not a square centimeter of area that falls outside of their interests.”
  • “…apart from them no other country can have sovereignty.”
  • “…we are moving like a pawn that does not what to play by the Americans’ rules.”
  • “We need to find allies elsewhere.”
  • “Petty, selfish people not suitable for the political arena are twisting the fate of countries and peoples from North Africa to the Middle East and Europe”

For more on the Hungarian situation see here and here.

The article below is a very recent interview with Hungary Parliament Speaker – the third highest dignitary in the country – Laszlo Köver.

We’ve said before Hungary government statements are still tame. They aren’t any longer.

Köver goes all out here. There are…

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