Hundreds of Odessa Residents Honour Memory of Dom Profsoyuzov Arson Victims

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On Friday, a rally to honour the memory of the Dom Profsoyuzov arson victims was held in Odessa. Hundreds of locals gathered on the Kulikovo Pole square near the Dom Profsoyuzov. They cleared the snow, mounted posters with photos of the dead, lit candles, and laid flowers at an improvised memorial. Social activists delivered speeches. They noted that the junta didn’t punish those guilty of the arson. Many of them, despite evident proof of their crime, are at large and live without fear of trial. Besides, those who gathered noted with indignation that official propaganda often portrays the arson as a heroic event carried out by “patriots” who defended the city from “separatists”. The rally participants chanted, “We must bring the criminals to account” and “We won’t forget or forgive!”

Riots occurred in Odessa on 2 May… pro-junta football ultras, Right Sector extremists, and so-called “Maidan Self-Defence” terrorists from…

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